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Shrink Wrap: What It Is and Why You Need It

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Shine Right's shrink wrap is a premium plastic wrapping used for seamless and ultimate protection of your summertime investment. We take our time ensuring that your boat is completely protected for the entire season from any and all types of inclement weather. In Maryland, we can never be sure what the weather will hold. However, with Shine Right's shrink wrapping, we can always be sure that what ever mother nature has in store for us, your boat is protected.

Sounds Too Good To Be True. How Does It Work?

It's simple!

1. We will take the measurements of your boat
2. Install sturdy posts to ensure all corners are fully protected
3. Completely cover your boat's surface with the plastic (and if you desire, install zipper-access doors for further protection and accessibility)
4. Use our advanced propane fired heating tool to shrink the plastic to its perfect fit, fully encasing your investment
5. Watch you smile and know with confidence that your boat is ready for anything the weather can bring (even another snowmageddon). 

Is It Really Worth It?

Yes, yes, and YES! Shrink wrapping your boat is it's own investment. Shrink wrap is completely waterproof, doesn't chafe, is cost effective, and has ventilation to eliminate moisture. Think of how much another foot of snow can do. Think of freezing rain, acid rain, extreme wind, hail...what damage could be caused by skipping a step in protection. Shrink wrapping your boat isn't only it's own form of insurance, but it is a necessity to your boat's long-lasting life. Protection like this is a matter of loss prevention. As an added bonus, you won't have to clean it when the season is over! Time is money. Saving time saves money. Who doesn't want to save money?

I Spent a Lot Of Money On My Boat. To Get The Most Out Of My Investment, I Need To Protect It.

Great news! Shine Right is the premier provider of shrink wrapping. Our mission is to provide the very best protection for your boat, maximizing peace at mind while minimizing the cost to you. Because our owner takes quality control standards as a personal reputation, our employees are highly trained to be the best in the business. Our goal is to always deliver complete satisfaction, confidence, and reassurance. We want you, our valued customer and local neighbor, to be just as sure as we are that you made the right decision. 

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