About Us

Shine Right Auto Detailing aspires to be the most recognized shop in the area for quality and customer satisfaction. Because we want your automotive detailing experience to be a positive one, we use only the latest, most advanced, and most sophisticated equipment available for every auto-detailing job. With more than five years of experience, our technicians are factory trained in order to ensure your vehicle—whether an automobile, watercraft, recreational vehicle, or aircraft—will look showroom new!

Our Owner

Josh Buckler began detailing when he was 15 for neighbors, friends, family, and clients of the odd job business he had started at just age 14. Although, he wasn't (and still isn't) where he wanted to be, Josh has always set his hopes high, and doesn't take failure lightly. With his hard work ethic, he convinced area dealership, Bayside Chevrolet and Toyota, to give him a shot in their wash bay. He rose to the challenge and learned a great deal about the industry, accelerating his knowledge to an entirely new level. A year later, in 2009, Shine Right Auto Perfection was born.

Continuing to work for Bayside Auto Group and push for more work, Josh would work from 8pm to 5am the next day just to get his jobs done. After all, who else would let you get your rest while shining that vehicle up for your early morning ride to work? As business began to take off, Josh began linking up with other small businesses in the area to expand his knowledge of real world marketing. With his hard work ethic learned from his family, and dedication to not failing, things really took off from there.

In 2011, Josh took after his father in being hired by Prince George's County Fire/EMS Department. He left Bayside, and due to tiresome training in the academy, was forced to slow down his business growth and just maintain its stability. Continuing to detail boats and cars through his time in the academy, he graduated and was back on the hunt for new clients again. Josh still hasn't stopped, and remains one of the top competitors in the area detailing industry.

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